Rebecca Brunning

Operations Manager

About Me

My favourite part of my role as the Operations Manager for the Loanmarket Paramount Group is our wonderful team.  I love being able to add things to the business to help make their day a little easier and help them grow.  In my previous roles at Loanmarket loved being able to help clients reach their home ownership dreams and to achieve their goals.  Now I get to help with this on a larger scale, improving our processes to make the experience smoother and better for all of our clients.

Beginning as a Client Service Assistant, collecting documents, and assisting with refixes, to Client Service Manager arranging approvals through to settlement, now to Operations Manager.  I know the business from the ground up as have done the work myself over the past 3 years and have helped develop our processes throughout.

In my spare time I am enjoying slowly renovating our first home but will need to put this all on hold for a while as we prepare for our first baby.

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